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CSC Knight
126 Park Ave
BridgeportCT 06604
May 1, 2016
Mr. Ross Gellar
ABC Company
123 Main Street
FairfieldCT 050505
United States
Dear Mr. Gellar,
Your advertisement on UBjobnet for an industrial designer was of great interest to me, prompting me to submit my application. Over the past several years, I have been developing my skills in industrial design, specifically product development. Your company exemplifies creativity and innovativeness. ABC Company is at the forefront of the field and offers its clients exceptional products. After reading your posting, I am confident that I can offer a lot to ABC Company. I believe I can uphold ABC Company's core value of integrity and rise to the challenges of the industrial designer position.
First Paragraph: Briefly state the purpose of the letter. If applying for a particular position, identify the position and the source from which you learned about it. If unaware of job openings, indicate the type of position you seek and inquire about similiar positions at the organization.
Remember: Show off your knowledge of the organization. Point out why you are interested in the particular organization; this will set you apart from other applicants.

I am a recent recipient of a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design, with an interest in product development. During my senior year of college I interned for XYZ Toy Company. During this internship I created sketches and preliminary models for the company's newest doll line. I also developed prototypes from my original sketchwork. I performed in-depth online market research pertaining to the toy industry and current trends. In addition, I assisted my supervisors in conceptualization and design meetings, occasionally performing administrative tasks when required. My resume further details my experiences in industrial designing.Through these experiences, I have developed strong team building and leadership skills that I seek to apply to my future profession. I know ABC Company is looking for an ambitious team-player and someone who will take initiative in new projects. The foundation of your company is comprised of hard work, creativity, and goal-oriented group membership. I believe I would be an excellent candidate who will build upon this foundation.
Second (and perhaps third) Paragraph: This is the main body of the letter. Take your knowledge of the field and match it with your interests, skills, and experience. Explain how your qualifications fit the position. Use examples from your resume to support your statements. Refer the reader to your resume but do not repeat details from your resume. Briefly state what qualities you bring to the workplace.
Remember: Provide a few specific reasons for your interest in working for this particular organization; use reasons based on your research.

The opportunity for a personal interview to further discuss employment would be mutually beneficial. Please expect a phone call later in the week so that we may schedule a meeting. Thank you for your careful consideration and I sincerely look foward to speaking with you.
Final Paragraph: You want to request an interview and indicate your availability. Many people state that they are looking foward to hearing from the organization; it is better to suggest that you will contact him or her within one or two weeks to set up a time that is convenient. This allows you to be responsible for following up rather than leaving it to the employer.
CSC Knight